IP Detective Suite

New in Version 3.1:

  • Automatic Task Scheduler for Automation
  • Release and renew ip
  • Test application feature
  • On screen help file links
  • Always on top feature in Desktop Viewer
  • Release and renew ip through Viewer


Many internet service providers today use dynamic ip addresses. This means that the ip addresses of computers connected to the internet by this service provider change from time to time.The consequence of this is that if you are trying to connect to one of these computers with a remote desktop application such as pcAnywhere® you will not be able to until you find out the new ip address.

What IP Detective Suite does for you is manage one or many ip addresses without a subscription. You tell IP Detective where to store the ip addresses. You can retrieve them from any computer, anywhere.

With IP Detective you do not need to pay any subscription service to monitor your IP address for you. IP Detective is self contained software that you control.


IP Detective Publisher will publish a list of all the ip adresses on the ftp site. For example, you can have IP Detective installed on fifty computers. Each computer will report it’s ip address to the ftp site each time it changes. You can then run publisher from any computer, anywhere and in a few seconds you will have an Excel┬« spreadsheet or a .csv file with a complete list of the computer names and their current ip address.


IP Detective will also place a small icon on your desktop in the system tray displaying your current ip address. No need to open up Internet Explorer.